Paul Whibley's WR450F and other racing WR450Fs.

Paul Whibley raced a WR450F to 4 successive OMA titles.

Here are some pictures.



You can tell its a WR450 engine by the starter hump on the left side cover. Whether or not the starter itself has been retained.

You can also tell because its got the WR air box, not the YZ and the number plates have the WR air vents in them.


Although his engine is carbureted, not fuel injected. But these pictures might have been taken before the FI model came out.

Note the radical skid plate or the lack thereof.

The swing arm has been changed to the newer YZ version.

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Paul didn't win the GNCC series this year. I think he was 5th. 2 KTM riders 350F and 450Fs were 1st and 2nd. Paul was injured the last few races due to a training incident.

There is a ton of excellent GNCC racing footage on youtube.

Wibbs didn't win the championship on the WR. Yes they mad a couple of racebikes  out of WRs (kind of a hybrid YZ/WR but he was unsucessful on them. He won his championships on YZs.

LOL....whibs never won poo poo on the WR. All YZ. You got suckered.

And just to save you some time, Merriman rode a YZ with lights in the WEC when he was winning...

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Also Mullins was on a YZ when he won his NEPG title...

Pros don't race the WR, they race the YZ. Always have, and looks like they always will. Well except for Hawkins on the WR250 2 stroke, and even that turned into the YZ250, but I'm talking 450.

After the 2012 came out and got all the hype, I thought we would see some one race it, since that was Yamaha's reason for making it, but yawn....2 seasons have past and yet not one of the Yamaha pros have done it.

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I'm sure that Pauls bikes are a mixture of YZ and WR parts. The bike in the picture even looks like its using Ohlin suspension ! Nevertheless, its a cousin of the WR.

He raced it for half a season and it was sucky, then Yamaha relented and let him use YZ. Rest is history.

And no, they were not a mixture. Just that one half season.

I'm a WR guy, had two. I'm a Yamaha guy, on my 10th. I wish he was racing WR's, but they don't.

The Aussies are racing the 2012+ WRs with great sucess.

Aussie has always raced the WR. Even the older one. Don't know why we can't do the same here, but for whatever reason, we don't.

Just read an article in Dirt Bike Magazine where Whibs said he always uses moto bikes and turns them into off road bikes...or was it Strang that said that??Now I can't remember.

Just read an article in Dirt Bike Magazine where Whibs said he always uses moto bikes and turns them into off road bikes...or was it Strang that said that??Now I can't remember.


I think what he said was that he preferred mx bikes for GNCC races.  He called it a 3 hour motocross through the trees. 


He did mention that he didn't like the wide ratio gear box for racing and thought it was easier to detune an mx bike rather than increase the power of an enduro type bike.


Pretty interesting to hear his take on things.  Good stuff.

Here is my bike, may look familiar as above, talk to him now and then, along with Randy who is looking to try and find me an injected WR, unless anybody is looking to do a swap, lol. yes it was his 2012 Championship YZ450F

Wow !

So what is it like to ride ????

Does it have the YZ or WR gearset ?

How is the suspension ?

How is the power ?

What triple clamp does it have ?

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Funny we are talking about racing WR's, right now in the ISDE some Aussie cat named Milner is racing a WR450 and is in 2nd Overall behind Meo. Pretty cool.

There also was a kid in D36 racing one, I have a couple of pics. Don't know if he still is, but it isn't a Factory effort as far as I know.

How do you know its a WR ?

He is in 4th now.

7 of the top 10 bikes are 450 or larger (1 500) 4 strokes. Only 1 KTM 350 4T. Only 1 stroke, a KTM 300, but its leading overall.

I would love to see how Paul Whibley would do at the ISDE. He is injured right now.

This article has some info on Duval's 250 4T Yamaha.

He is running a Honda 450 4T in the ISDE.

This is interesting.

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That is him. I posted back in the spring about him winning a race. He is still the only guy I've seen race the 12+Wr450 in the USA.

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