te250 pipe options

ok ive had my 2012 te250 for a season and love the bike with only one minor issue which might be my inexperience but is the pipe seems to be in a bad spot for clearance on obstacles since it sits lower than the factory skid plate. Now i know if i dont crash and can climb over logs like pro level enduro rider there is no issue with it. but a wile back was racing a friend down a narrow single track and were moving at a good rate of speed and tried to make it through two small trees on either side of the trail and clipped one with brush guard and kinda lost balanced and went full speed into next tree on left side. Missed wheel but hit dead center of rad and collapsed rad shroud (thank god for rad guards no damage to rad) but also pushed exhaust into starter guard (factory plastic cover). was able to push exhaust away from starter but one mistake on a big log and its back up against the starter. know this exhaust is never going to be the same but looking at replacing this winter.


so i know there is no real solution with this other than a 4 stroke but has any one tried aftermarket exhausts? Are there any that are a little less vulnerable than a stock pipe?

I had the same issue.  The neck of my exhaust was pushed against the starter guard.  if you look closely you will probably see a crease in the pipe next to the exhaust port.  I left mine like this for awhile and noticed rust forming around the neck.  I decided it was time to change and got a Pro Circuit Platinum II pipe.  When I took the stock one off I noticed that the exhaust must of gotten restricted due to the crease.  The bike runs like a different bike now!  Love the new pipe.

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