Showa Cartridge Rods

KYB parts are a dime a dozen and just about all WP parts are available individually but it appears Showa parts are near impossible to source.


I need to replace two worn cartridge rods from a 2012 CRF450X.  It seems that I have to buy a cartridge and cartridge rod as a complete package from a Honda dealer.  Retail here in Aus is about $310 each side.


I looked at some Kawasaki models that run Showa forks and once again you need to buy rod and cartridge with retail being about AU$500 each side.


I also looked at some Suzuki models but they are the same cartridge and rod deal with an even higher price.


Does anyone know of a Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki model that allows you to buy the rod as a separate part?  Or any other source for some individual Showa parts?

K tech in the UK stock them I believe

I've seen this problem a few times and I think it is caused by ill-fitting cartridge bushings from the factory.  They are so tight they make the fork action extremely harsh in addition to ruining the anodizing on the damper rods.  I could not find individual rods for sale, so the choice was strip and reanodize or replace the entire cartridge assembly (!).  Whichever you choose, be sure to replace the cartridge bushings so it doesn't happen again.  I enlarged the bushing land slightly for additional clearance.  The fork felt much better...and no premature wear so far.

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