Starvation Ridge 24hr update!


Two weeks left for pre-entry sign-ups! After Oct. 1, prices go to post entry.


  If we get enough loons to sign up, we will offer an "adventure bike" class. 690cc. and up.


  FOR THOSE TEAMS THAT WANT TO RUN EXPERTS AND AMATUERS TOGETHER, we are offering a Sportsman class. Anything goes ability-wise.  I may boot top amateur teams into sportsman if I feel their lap times are too fast.


 Perennial Open X top-runners " On The Pipe" are stepping up to AA and importing some Arizona talent with other new speedsters in an effort to take over the AA top spot.


 IT will be  dark at the 24hr. There are more hours of darkness than daylight.....Get those lights sorted out. Trailtech will be there for support, but not installations. ( They want to enjoy the race themselves!)


The course will feature the return of the optional routes. We might indicate which is tougher,....maybe. 


 No idea on course length, but there will be a return of the mud puddle next to the sign-up trailer. Yes, it will be optional.


  THERE WILL BE A ROCK WHOOP SECTION !!!!    It may be optional.


 New for this year,  loose rolly rock sections. They might be optional also.


  CARRY A FLASHLIGHT !!!    Cell phone is also a good idea.

hmmm looks like Extreme Enduro is starting to show it's influence...



Cant Wait!!!

hmmm looks like Extreme Enduro is starting to show it's influence...



Cant Wait!!!

 NAAH!! I haven't watched an endurocross/ extreme enduro in years.  When I say rock whoops,.....I mean a whoop section  with the whoops made out of 2-4" diameter stones. I don't believe anyone has done that yet!  ( I'd rather lead the trend than be a follower)

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