Clutch help

have just installed a new clutch cable tonight as the old one had no adjustment left in it.


When I have the bike on the stand (no engine running), should the rear wheel turn freely when in gear with the clutch pulled in?  


It doesnt at the moment.   I know the clutch moving as I still have the igniton cover off from installing the cable so can visually see the lever going up and down.  


is this normal, or do i have other issues here?


edit: bike is a 2008 YZ125

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no, clutch will stick together when the engine is off and oil is cold, totally normal. Once the bike is warm it can be moved in gear with the clutch pulled but will still drag pretty bad.

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Awesome, thanks Adam for your help.

Yea buddy no problem, there are no dumb questions just dumb answers.


When the bike is running the clutch floats in swirling oil pushing the plates and fibers apart. when its not running, hot or cold the clutch will drag pretty bad.

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