Fork seals D.I.Y?

Hi guys I'm new to ThumperTalk so please forgive me if i've posted in the wrong forum :)

Okay so to start out I will say I'm 15 and have a pretty good understanding of automotive engineering (i think) and the fork seals on my 99 wr400 need replacing, I live in South Australia so parts for my bike are really expensive if i get them from the local shop (i recently picked up 260 worth of parts for 112 in ebay for my water pump) so I'm thinking of grabbing the parts of of ebay (excluding oil) and doing the forks myself. i have the clymer workshop manual and was wondering if it was a job i could undergo myself to save on labor as i do not yet have a job. i was also wondering if i will need any parts other than oil seals, dust seals and oil.


Follow the manual and you won't have a problem. You will want a fork seal driver to make life easier. Buy an extra set of seals. They are cheap and you may nick one on your first attempt causing it to leak.

Remember to remove any scratches in the lower chrome part of the fork or they may leak again.

don't forget either a seal bullet or plastic bag over the open lower tube when reassembling in order to not nick the tube.  And if your seals are shot then most likely your bushings are too.  

Okay, thanks to all. bikedude987 my seals are only leaky not coming out to fast, will i still need the bushings?

Okay, thanks to all. bikedude987 my seals are only leaky not coming out to fast, will i still need the bushings?

Hi Dale, I guess being a 99 model the bushings have never been done, do the lot, look up pyramid parts on eBay & buy a complete fork rebuild kit, your gonna have it all apart anyway, so take your time, double check your self, follow the manual & YouTube it, you will be fine, I thoroughly recommend an adjustable seal driver & seal bullet especially if your gonna be into dirt bikes for awhile, flush the sludge from the bottom of the tube with a bit of petrol & leave upside down for a day to drain & dry, ROOSTA out.

Okay, i have no idea what has been done to this bike other than a top bottom and clutch rebuild about 5 hours before i had it so i will change the bushings. as for the seal driver if i cant pick one up what would you recommend to use? would a bit of drain pipe cut down the middle work? and will some of those fabric fork seal savers be worth the extra money?
Thanks for the help :)

usually when your seals leak it is because you have dirt trapped in them OR the bushings are worn out, not the seals.  so yes, take the extra 5 mins per leg and do the bushings.  a decent seal driver makes all this worlds easier, a must in my book. If you can afford a dirtbike, you can afford a 40$ seal driver that will last forever.....

I have usually gotten scratches in the chrome and they leak.

Polish them out with very fine sand paper. Bushings if worn. Plastic plumbing pipe is usually not heavy enough to pound the new seals in. Use a seal driver if you can get one.

The seal savers will save the new seals.

Okay thanks everyone for your input I will find out this weekend if I can afford the extra parts

Got any buddy's with tools?  favors are cheap, usually.  Help me with my bike now, I'll help you do X later...

Nah, i only have one friend i ride with and his family has a lot of cash so he gets everything done at the shop


I have yet to see a fork seal that's actually "bad".


Usually they just need cleaning.  But, use youtube as a good source for info.  There's a Part 2 to the video I pasted above, but I'll let you find that one. :)

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