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Yamaha TTR 230 - Please Help!

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I live in Calgary Alberta and I bought a 2005 TTR230 a few months ago and it's still having problems after taking it to the shop twice for servicing. I've gotten to a point where I'm considering selling this piece of shit since it seems that no one has the slightest &%$#@!ing idea what's causing this nightmare of a problem. I really hope someone knowledgeable on these forums might have an idea - I'd really appreciate any advice. Thank-you.

So here's the problem:

- It starts fine when cold (if it has a new spark plug).
- Slightly noticeable carbon (white smoke) coming from tailpipe.
- Slightly rough idol.
- When it gets to temperature, it begins to randomly over rev.
- When I decrease the idol screw to stop the over revving, it maintains fine for about 30 seconds before stalling.
- The bike has burnt through 3 spark plugs over the course of 3 days of riding.
- The shop cleaned the carb and gas tank and released the bike claiming the problem was fixed - it wasn't.
- I brought the bike back.
- The shop suspected the carb float needed adjusting since burning through spark plugs was an indication of having a rich fuel mixture.
- The shop adjusted the float and the original problem still persists.

Basically, the idol screw is either adjusted:

1) high enough to prevent stalling but the rider must accept that the bike will begin randomly over revving when it's at temperature.
2) low enough to prevent over revving but the rider must accept that the bike will stall randomly when it's at temperature.

1) the problem is not evident unless the bike is AT TEMPERATURE.
2) the bike has had a full inspection including a compression test and it has a 100% bill of health.

Again, I'd appreciate any advice. I'm severely desperate for an answer. Thanks again.

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