2009 crf450r need some help

got 2009 crf450r, this is the first time that I open it and I notice that it has a yoshimura cam and High compression JE piston 13:5:1, right now I open it in order to replace the crankshaft since Im having issues with it , I just ride the bike  on the street and maybe be used for enduro but not too much, so I have some questions I was reading that high compression piston should be used with high octane fuel but I live in Costa Rica and fuel is a crap here , so I am affraid of it and don't know if is better to use a stock compression piston or continue with the JE, also I have read that a high performance cam will make a high compression piston like an stock one but no idea about it can someone help me? please, and another question is the hot rods a good option for crankshaft

Please help me

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two weeks ago I ust got a hot rods crank for a RM250 and a wiesco for a RMZ450.  The hot rods one had a few burs in the crank weights, near the place where the rod is attatched.  The wiesco's rod some how looked less finnished, almost like it came out of the mold and someone ground it into shape, vs the hotrods that looked like it came right out of a mold.  Just my 2 cents worth.  I'm not a gas guy so can't help you there sorry.  I would not sweat what kind of crank you were using if your not racing, Likely ask around and thier will be no clear answer, or if you do enough research you will still have doubts.  Nextime, based on my experience I am going hotrods, cause they look nicer more finnished, course minus the burrs!!!!  The original cranks were OEM in both bikes and they actually looked the best, but agian what's my eye worth?

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