Best way to get stains off header pipe? (4 stroke)

Hey guys i was wondering if there are any secrets out there on how to get stains of melted boot and such off of a 4 stroke header pipe, ive heard scotch brite non scratch works but haven't tried it yet, i went at it with something similar to that and didn't get much off.


So lets hear it!

Depends on pipe material.  I have a SS header and use Scotchbrite to clean it.

Scotchbrite on a painted steel pipe will remove the paint, but there are several high temp paints out there for touchup including BBQ paint. IMO VHT has the greatest variety of high temp paints.

ive never seen a oem header on a modern 4 stroke that is painted. Wire wheel if its really bad, And follow with a scotch brite scuffing pad or fine sand paper afterwards

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