powerbowl 2

What is everyones tjought on this to fix bog issues in a 03 wr250f

No. A carb bowl is just bling.


The correct fix is to first ensure the AP squirts

Then set/reset AP timing per the manual

Then do the oring mod or wire the linkage or (best) replace the AP spring with a stiffer one

Start with a #40 leak jet and increase till the bog returns, then go back a size.

Did that help a lil bit but still there

You have a .8mm drill blank?


You did the oring mod?


You installed a #40 leak jet?

Yes and yes and tried a 40 its adjustable

Athena dual spray accelerator pump nozzle did more for me than anything else. It's a pain to install but does wonders for the bog. It atomizes the fuel much better which is important at low RPM/intake air velocity.

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