Speedo Delete Spacer

Anybody know of a spacer so I can remove the speedo drive on an 03 DRZ400E?


I removed the speedo when I put SM wheels on and I'd rather not have to reinstall it to use the dirt wheels.  Will the spacer for my SM wheels work without a seal or anything?



Yup. Works on dirt and SM wheelies. :thumbsup:

I was going to use the spacer from my SM wheels but that would leave the bearing wide open and open to dirt to get into it so I reinstalled the speedo.


Here's a pic.  


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I dont know about SM wheels but on the E/S wheels you can just use the spacer and seal from the left side to delete the speedo drive 

Speedo drive delete is simply using Two spacer and Two wheel oil seals (same parts on the right as are currently on the left). Same on all model/year DRZ's. Simple

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