2009 oil residue around actuator arm

Like the title says. Everytime I ride lately there has been a little bit of oil residue around the actuator arm. I am looking for some information on how hard this is to fix. Im sure I need a new seal. But I was also wondering if there is anything else that normally needs to be replaced at the same time (like the actuator arm)? 

If the arm stays reasonably well centered on its axis as you work the clutch, I would think it's just the seal.  If it rocks a lot, the shaft and/or bearing may be bad.


The seal handles system oil pressure, BTW, as the oil headed to the transmission passes below it.

Is it difficult to get to that seal?

Do you have to split the cases to get to it?

No. To remove the arm, you need to remove the clutch pressure plate and pull the long inner push rod out about a half inch.  The arm will lift out, and the seal is held down by a snap ring.

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