Monty??? Elkins Flat the 5th of May

Hey Monty,

What's the schedule, where do we meet, what do we do, how do we get there. One week away and those that want to go, need to know.


Hey guys, where is Elkins Flat. Live in Brentwood and would like to come along next week. Let me know if thats OK. Thanks

Here it is up the way to Tahoe. Monty is the master and he will give us directions. come along it will be great from what I hear.


Hi mike and all i will see if big dan will go he knows all the trails up there as far as a meeting place we can meet at the eppies at single spring off ramp on I-50 I will post with all the info. as soon as i get ahold of big dan,poss tomarow sunday if not then neet week it should be a geart ride so sand by.


May 5th ride at Elkins meeting place.

Take I-50 to missouri flat rd. off ramp (thats about 2 miles before placer ville) then right to eppies restraunt for eats, about 8;00am Mike and others if you need add, info call me at work 707-446-4066


Unkle Moose - And when were you going to tell your Brother-in-law?? What a bum, leaving me to find out the hard way.

I talked to Bill at the Flying W Ranch and he says no problem staging out of his house. For those of you with maps his address is 6441 Caldor Road, Somerset Ca. 95684 I will put up the usual paper plate at the turn off to his house. For those of you that would like breakfast meet at Eppies restraunt see Monty's Directions above.@8:00am

I was thinking we could try and ride the doorbell poker run if the course is still layed out.

whose all coming??


Unkle Moose - And when were you going to tell your best friend?? What a bum, leaving me to find out the hard way.


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Monty and Huge, W and I are comming. We'll meet Monty at eppies. I hope he lets me buy this time! :)

Glade you guys are coming (pauland wally) you will meet big dan he knows the trails real good up there.Huge i don't know about that dam door bell trial, thereS to many other nice trails to ride.See you guys at eppies sat the 5th 8;00am.


Hey all, Dan and I will be there and hopefully John in Granite Bay. I will be calling him tomorrow. Bringing the digital camera for some good shots to post. Wear your best gear and smile.


Mike, look forward to seeing you all up there. I just want to warn you right now that W and I are homely as Heck! :) Paul

I have to work :) but wish I could be there. Rode forrest hill last weekend and had a blast hope to ride with you all soon.


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