85 XR 350 Which parts are compatible?

I have looked around the threads and seen upgrades, but seem to be having trouble getting some "pinpointed" specifics on what can be done with my XR. I want to lower the rear and change the front suspension.  Also looking at doing some other "drastic" things to it, like turn signals etc to make it legal to run on highway. I have a title, so plan to get it approved by the local state group so to speak. I like the way CRD did their XR 600 and want to do something like that with it so that the wife can ride and and we can still have a little fun on some dirt roads to go fishing etc. Just not into anything extreme off road any more. What parts are compatible with this year? I have heard that you can put the XR600 shock on it, but what year? Help me out fellas!  Thanks!

I have a 85 myself ...I've thought of doing a street legal conversion myself ...I'm from mass and need to have the bike inspected to get proper paperwork to get a street title ....so far my battle plan is get a trail speedo set up to handle not having the stock gauges.... rocky mountain has a nice battery powered lighting kit that has brake light and directionals... my bike has a headlight so I'm hoping that is enough to pass the inspection.... I hope this helps a little.... let me know how it goes ...I'll include a pic to show you what I'm starting with



what did you end up using for the rear shock


I dual sported my XR350R and wrote up a post about it here in TT. I think I put it in the vintage section, search "dual,sporting my XR350R" turns out the tusk kits turn signals and the dot headlight with hi and low beam as well,as the dot tires were a wast of time and money. I live in CT and registered it in Vermont for year 1, in Vermont they didn't even inspect my bike beyond verification of the vin, then I transferred it to,CT on year 2 with no question or inspections, although I did have to get another vin inspection. I had a Sh$t ton of fun make that bike street legal and would be happy to share my plating experience with others. I let it go a few months back but if I would have kept it, I would have gotten a street title thru South Dakota (like I did on two of my other bikes) with just my registration and I probably could have ask more money for it. Oh well live and learn. But to,answer your question the xr6 from 85-86 will be your best bet for parts swapping, the bikes are close. The engine mounts are different but lots of parts are the same. Dylan from flashredbikes.com is an expert on these things. He has a lot of OEM and used parts and a wealth of knowledge. He also can supply repop decals for these models which was important to me. Good luck


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