DRZ400S belt drive?

Has anyone one done this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of belts vs chain drive? Can it even be done on the DRZ?

Belts and dirt are a bad combo. Polaris 4x4 quads have belts and every one I've ever rode with that had one has shredded a belt. A belt on a dirt bike would be worse as it would be more open to the elements. Belts shine on the street because they are quiter.

I had a 67 Yamaha U5 which was their version of a Honda Passport. it was great because while all my friends rode mopeds (talkin' early 80's) I had a 3 speed rocket that the cops couldn't tell was actually a motorcycle (back then there were no laws for mopeds in NJ we rode them like bicycles). But I degress. It had a fully enclosed chain and it always stayed clean, lubricated and rarely needed adjustment.

While a belt on a dirt bike would save weight it would need some sort of enclosure and would be near twice as wide as a chain and that is before it was enclosed in a clunky cover.

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It would be difficult to tension it properly during the entire range of motion of the swing arm (unlike a cruiser that has comparatively little range of motion), not to mention the first rock that gets flipped up in between the belt and sprocket would cut the belt. 

Belts are not as compact as chain drives. Not very practical on a dirt bike with current belt technology.

Thank you for your replies. How about the S and SM riders that almost or never see dirt? Lighter and quieter sound good.

I spent some time researching this last winter for my SM  and  could not find any pulley's that would bolt on in place of the sprockets so , you would have to machine custom adapters to mount the pulley's .  Now their may some out their but I could not find any.    

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I happen to have access to MPM Inc. so getting them wouldn't be a problem. What would you pay for them?  That is the question that matters.

It is an interesting idea for a road going SM...  


I'm just guessing that the belt would be about twice as wide as a 520 chain... the clearance needed for pulleys with that much width would probably be an issue on the SM...  It may require a modification to the swing arm as well...

i always envision myself getting my pant leg caught in the belt drives :)

Thank you for your replies. How about the S and SM riders that almost or never see dirt? Lighter and quieter sound good.

hey hey. i SEE dirt a lot. Its on the sides of the roads that i ride on...

Sounds like there might be a good enough reason to look deeper into this.

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