did i get screwed?

Im sure if my other thread went through but basically traded my car of this 04 crf250 fresh motor only rode it twice up n down the street. I put almost an hour on it and decided to change oil. Well i found copper shavings in the oil filter just wondering if this is normal for a fresh motor or the crank is about to go sorry typing this with my phone smh lol

if you are sure they are copper, then i think that means your crank ineeds replaced...make sure if you wipe em off they aren't aluminum.

Could be particles from clutch plates, or residual crap in there from when the motor first blew. Being an 04 crf250 with a new motor I'm going to assume it blew up before you got it. Any odd sounds or vibrations in the motor?

Little noisy but its strong starts first kick. I didnt try wiping them ill do that hopefully its aluminum fingers crossed

So i called the guy who actually worked on the bike he said that the kid i traded my car was a "dummy" huge said that he probably never changed the oil after rebuild. Going to ride it and do another oil change hopefully that was just.

Could be from the crank / thrust washers. I had the same problem on my training bike. My crank bearing failed and destroyed both thrust washers.
But I had no signs of copper or metal shavings at the last oil change and I change the engine oil after 5 or at least 10 hours. Filter on every 2nd oil change.

After the crank failure the whole engine oil was full with copper shavings and smashed thrust washer pieces.


Crank failure is not funny, it's better to change the bearing before it's damaged. I would check this...

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What kind of car did you trade??

(to answer your original question...)

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rebuild the crank, i suggest www.kenoconnerracing.com  170$ for a new pro x rod kit installed. they normaly get the rebuilt crank truer than a new out of the box oem.

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