What is this called ?

It's off of a cr125 Im gonna buy a new one.. It's the little top part on the cry kinder with a gasket that is under it the spark plug screws into it ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379536705.671262.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379536725.257842.jpg

That is the cylinder head. I would highly recommend that you pull the cylinder also and check to make sure you're piston and bottom end (crankshaft) are within tolerance. Those gouges are an indication that there was catastrophic engine failure at some point.


looks like a needle bearing has come out of the big end of the rod at some point.

and with how nice and clean and carbon free the dents are id say it was recent.

find a thick peice of flat glass and tape some wet/dry 320 grit sandpaper. use a bit of soapy water on the paper and rub it in a circular figure 8 pattern, you can save that head its not to bad.

some of them look pretty deap. to cut all that out would change head volume.

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How is he ever gonna sqve that head by just using the grit paper wheb there is a clearance for squish on that area? Unless he also mills the squish back, id suggest just getting a new head. Its cheap.

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