Please help 2001 drz 250

A few days ago I bought a 2001 drz250 that ran great, or so I thought. a few days later the bike would not start due to a dead battery. I bought a new battery for it the bike and when I started it the bike was idling very high, but would not hold a consistent rpm. The bike also gets hot very fast now. I have no Idea what caused this. Also when I first started the bike up it was smoking horribly but that ended after a few minutes.

 Sporadic / high idle: I have heard other mention air leak... Check gasket between intake and head. Heating up faster then normal would indicate lean condition caused by your air leak. Pull spark plug and check on its condition. The smoking could be related.. Mine smoked a lil on start up when I had a lil to much oil in it. Heard it could also be valve seals... I am also in mass.. I am located in North Adams.. I have tuned and cleaned my carb to a good operating condition.. I could help ya out if you were close.

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