DR200 stalling after warm

Just took my 99 DR out for a spin.  Having a few issues.  A little hard to start and then rpm's would stay high after I gave it gas.  It would slowly come down to regular idle.  After riding it for about 10 minutes I stopped and it would not hold an idle.  Just sputtered and died.  Got it restarted and hit another stop about 5 minutes later and it died again.  This time it would not restart until it sat for about 5 minutes.  I don't recall these issues before.  I just recently rebuilt the carb and cleaned everything out.  Put in a new Twin Air filter.  Too much air?  Any ideas?  Thanks



Sounds like an air leak from the inlet rubber to carb. Squirt some WD40 around this area when running, if it sucks it in and the revs go up or down that's it. Or maybe overflow rubber pipes bocked or trapped, just take them off carb and try. Otherwise restrip carb, make sure float height correct and float correct with fuel valve.

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