Coupler combination

Question for someone with a little electronic background/knowledge.

I have an electronics background but not to the extent with fuel injection and all. I have an idea of taking both the stock and aggressive coupler and making a device where you can switch between the two with a switch on the bike. What do you think the effect would be if you were to flip a switch to go from say stock to an aggressive mode during a race or just riding?

Thanks for any replies!!

At this point we have too little collective knowledge of what sort of system you're working on.  You know, stuff like make, model, year....

Say like a new 2013 kx450. You get two couplers with the bike. One for less aggressive power and one for more aggressive power and of course a stock one thats in the bike. I was thinking instead of manualy switching them I could build some type of of device where I had the stock and aggressive coupler mounted on the bike and could use a switch on the handlebar to flip between the two while riding.

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I think it depends on the bike. I believe some bikes cannot be changed on the fly. When the bike is initially started the ECU checks what coupler is there once and the mapping is set until the engine is restarted. Some bikes may perform this check continuously. I'm not sure how the Kawis are configured.

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