Hello Guys,


I'm new to this Dirt Bike world and just wanted to say hello. I just bought a '99 YZ250 as my first dirt bike and I live in Portland (Clackamas area). I've been riding street for the past 15 years, and had all kinds of bikes, but currently have an '06 R1.


Anyways, I have no clue about dirt bikes, except to start it and ride :), so any pointers to start off with would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to chat w/ some locals and get to know these bikes before I kill my self :) and Yes I've been reading the forums trying to learn a thing or two:)


Take care!


Great first bike!

I think you'll be hooked...  A good place to start around here is Brown's Camp.  The trails are fun, and some have a bit of a challenge for a new guy, but nothing that is over the top.  You can find a map online to check it out, then pick up a hard copy at the shell right after the lake on your left as your driving up.


Once you get that place figured out, you should start working your way further down the highway to the next few staging area, which all get harder from there. 


Hood River also has some good riding, and I think you can find a map online as well.  

That Shell said they haven't had maps all Summer. 



My advice would be to start out easy.  I've know quite a few street riders who's skill didn't convert over to dirt.




Had any practice crashing?  I mean, have you ever skateboarded, snowboarded, skied, or the such?  Knowing how to fall will help a lot.




Have fun :thumbsup: .

Thanks guys for your help...I didn't really practice crashing, but I do snowboard and ski, and few other crashing sports, so hopefully those will come handy. I will try the Brown's camp since I heard about this one and see what happens. Thanks again for your feedback :)

I am taking another fairly noob rider up to Rodgers camp this coming Saturday so if you wanna go let me know. We should be unloading around 9 to 9:30 am.


I have been riding that area for well over 20 years and don't mind helping out new people to the sport.


Make sure your bike is prepped and ready to go. The YZ is a great bike and a good platform but needs a few mods to be made better for a new rider in the woods. if you plan on woods riding i would suggest at some time soon to have the suspension re-valved and re-sprung, add a flywheel weight, and get all the normal woods protection ( skid plate, hand guards, radiator guards, ect.ect)


Does the bike have a spark arrestor, and does it have current off road tags? The rangers don't check that often but the fines can add up in a hurry as both are needed to ride.


Do you have the proper riding gear? Good helmet, boots, gloves, and goggles are the minimum. Without those you are guaranteed to get hurt!


here is a link to the Tillamook State Forest trail map

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