Found a spring laying the engine case, 1985 DR250

I have removed the head a cylinder to get bored. I removed the clutch cover to get the clutch off so I can change the cam chain. I found what was left of a spring, I think, in a cavity towards the front part of the engine that must of got chewed up and spit there. Nothing I can see is missing where I am at, the book does not match the model I have and the up load here will take 2 plus hours on my dial up. I just brought the bike home a week ago so I do not know how it really ran but it did. The shifter feels good, I can see inside and all the springs are in the counter balance gear. Only a guess but it looks about 7-8 mmx with about 9-10 wraps. Any body here ever tore into one of these older type DRs.

I went to my local dealer and the parts girl, Julie, went into her computer and found out some things for me.It seems this 85 model, F, engine IS different than the book I have which makes this even more fun. The spring she came up with in a picture shows a small spring working with the shifter fork inside the main case. Like I said I haven't rode the bike so I don't know how is shifts but it seems odd shifting by hand. So the only thing left to do is split the case and this is where I could use some help please. I have it down to the clutch basket off and cam chain out. Do you leave the crank, balancer, trans input bearings in the case when you split the case? Are the bearings hard pressed on their shafts or do they come off easy? Looks easier to leave those bearings on. I think the shifter rail un bolts.

Not sure exactly for your bike as I didn't look at the drawings but you shouldn't have to split the entire case just take off the crank case cover on your shifting side of the bike (should be left) and the shifter mech is right there. You might have to dig through some other parts but not split the case entirely down to crank and all that. 

Mann I hope you are right.

Pretty sure only the right side opens up on this engine and the spring I am after is inside the main case with the transmission. The manual I have shows this spring just under the clutch basket but on my engine this mechanism is inside the case.

I have the engine sitting on my bench ready to open up when I can find more info on how to pull it apart. I have been taking pictures as I go so I hope to post those.

I'll look at a parts diagram tonight if I remember and see how to do it. I'll get back to you on here

Well the spring cost $3.50, the case split apart with little effort and the bearings stayed with the case. The spring held a detent on the shifting. I got to look things over inside the engine real well and all looked good. I has been together for a week now and has held together and running strong.

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