More xr to xl questions

So two things, I have a local xr600 motor with good compression that just popped up for 350, just curious if it bolts into my xl, I'm hoping someone will say no, cuz its very tempting

The other question is I wanna get my gf on my other xl so she doesn't have to buy her own bike, but mine's just to tall, there are a pair of xr front forks that have been lowered for a cafe project for sale, I know I would need a new triple tree, but if I did that is there a way to lower the back also? Or just any other way to lower it period?

The cafe forks measure 20inchs from the axle to the top, need to measure mine and see what stock is

Yep it'll bolt in,,sorry about that,, :smashpc:  what is twin carb head or single??,,the issue is the airbox connection with the twin versus single..I've never had a close look at that but I'd guess you could take a single nozzle and bolt it into the twins box no problem..


Your girlfriend must be kinda short..XLs are already as low as,,XRs only get taller so bolting XR forks on will just make things worse,,Dunno about lowering the back..I'm over 6ft so never want any short bikes..If anything I throw XR forks and an XR rear shock on XLs to make them taller..

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Gosh dangit horri, I can't keep spending money.. but I do want it, especially if my xl engine keeps crappin out

Ya she's 5'2, but we decided she's just gettin her own bike, maybe pit bike and I'm gonna build up the other one, I actually wanna upgrade the suspension and am looking at inverted forks, when I'm done this will be more of an xr then an xl, has xr seat, tank, plastics, xr head, single carb, single air box and maybe xr suspension if I don't go better

 Rear single shock or twin? If single you can look for other compatible bikes that use shorter shocks.  Works Performance Shock has a list of tons of bikes and their OEM shock length. You can use that to find others, most brands share parts across many bikes for $$ reasons.  So for my 85 XR350 that I wanted to lower, a XR650L shock is shorter, about .75" for the later years. But the earlier years were even shorter, about 1.25" shorter than my 350's so I got one of those.  I put it on and a Kouba lowering link and the bike is almost TOO low!  lol   I"m probably gonna take the lowering link out.  For 5'2" you might want both.      
It's a beautiful thing to ride with your girl.   ;)

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I decided on not lowering, but that list is great! And I'm still gonna use it

It really is great to be riding with her :)

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