now I read the post on the on the 92  for 91 bottom end on the kx250...

heres the deal my uncle blew the head and took it upon himself to take it apart I have a 92kx250 and need a cylinder jug what yeah can I use looks pretty similar... I know the 92 has a bigger stroke, I was thinking maybe that's a good thing the 91 has a bigger piston... what do I have to do to get on the dirt???????

I take it the cylinder is damaged?????


Send to Millenium Technologies for repair. Or you might have a 5% chance (being that old) they have one for exchange.

no its totally missing either stolen sold idk what happened  or what he did to it but I need a new one prob got left behind when he moved

Ebay...or....Millenium and fork up the core charge.

Thats what i had to do , buy new . 

Do you have the head?


If you buy a complete top-end with power valve components, any cylinder up to 2004 will physically fit.


If you have the head and want to use it, you're limited to '92-'93. In '94 the top-end was redesigned and has the smaller round head rather than the large oblong head with the power valve resonance chamber built into  the front of it.

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