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My yz250 is completely stripped down to frame, now what should I powdercoat?

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If you powdercoated the rotors you could only do the center which would kind of be silly.  A powdercoated swingarm that doesn't look odd and out of place can be done but it is hard to pull off.  You could do the triple clamps, clutch cover, bar mounts, wheels and hubs.


Personally I think it would be cool if you put together an off the wall color scheme with the frame, swingarm, and wheels and some yellow, white, or black restyled plastics. Then get some graphics that tie it all togther.

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line x bed line the frame, powdercoating wont last.

its what im going todo :)

may just want to do the lower frame sides, line x will eat your boots and pants for lunch lol  Powdercoating lasts fine for non rubbing places, just buy side guards and your golden


for the OP, Wheels, frame, swingarm, subframe, triple clamps and linkage

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