1989 XT600 no power to ignition coil


have also posted on horizon forum

Hoping to get advice on this

Bike: XT600 1989 kick start

wire harness is from a lightly used 1985 XT600

I have not had the bike running

I get no power to ignition coil, seems there is no power after it returns back from ignition.

side stand switch has been removed and wires have been shorted

no wires to neutral sensor

i have tried both cdi (85 and 89) same results

i have disconnected and plugged the kill switch.

tested stator and all was in spec.


My feeling is, i'm over looking something obvious. neutral or kill switch wiring?

uploaded a few pics

Thanks in advance



neutral wire.JPG


wire head.JPG

I had a similar problem, I had the spare time , so I unwrapped all of the wiring harness and replaced all wires, connectors, cdi and coil. In the process I found my electrical problem but kept going , so now I have a new wire loom and peace of mind.

Did you locate the problem? If not, I believe the side stand switch needs to have a jumper wire on it to bypass the switch.

Sorry I don't think anything more needs to be done to the side stand switch other than clipping the wires, it's been so long ago I would verify this with The Tenere Forum U.K. regards mike

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