Lowering a lowered ttr230?

Hi all after some information.

I bought a 2012 ttr230 for the missus, and it was too tall. I have bought the lowering kit that is available which lowers the bike significantly, but at 5" it just isnt low enough.

I have slid the forks through the triple clamps and probably could slide them up another 10mm (3/8") Is there anything else i can do??

I have thought about buying a ttr125 set of wheels, but am unsure if they will fit?


Ok- you get the picture, any help??

To get a few more millimetres you can shave the seat down, cutting the fork springs can sacrifice travel for hight, but should only be done if you know what you are doing. Also, but this can bottom out the rear shock if you hit a big bump, take the preload of the rear shock down as low as it will go.

Tada! You have a street bike!

Not to be a buzz kill but I think for someone 5' tall, a small wheel TTR125 would have been perfect them, the 230 is just simply to big a bike for her. You may be able to do enough to the 230 to bring it down but its probably gonna look ridiculous.

Pretty much^

I'd make sure rear sag was properly set. Even with a lowering link on there may be additional lowering if the sag is currently not enough. Do not take all the preload out, which in effect could give  the TTR too much sag, causing it to understeer, ride rougher because the shock is too far into its progression and bottom too easy. I'd recheck sag with your wife and maybe you can get a bit more lowering, but at 5' tall it may not be enough as others, and you, have stated. It is a pretty tall bike for the intended target audience.

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