Georgetown 9/20-9/23


I plan on going up mid afternoon on Friday and setting up camp.  If you feel like riding this weekend come on up.  Its been a long since I have been to GT so I am looking forward to seeing the area again.  Staging at Mace Mill.  Anybody planning on going up to ride this weekend at GT?

i may go up sunday to take advantage of the rain we are supposed to get saturday

I hope you're not in a tent bro. its pouring in the valley and coming your way

I got up there late afternoon on Friday.   I met one guy up there and camped.  One Buddy came up from Sacramento in the morning.  About 3 sets of riders made it out before the ranger ran everybody out.  We were literally at the trail head getting ready to go out and the ranger came racing up to tell us we had to leave and she was going to shut the gate once everyone was out.  We ended up camping at Pipi and had some of the best conditions i have seen there. The soil was like a freshly watered track with time to soak in.  We headed up to Leek Spring lookout and there was about 2-3" snow.  The rest pipi was really nice, no dust and perfect traction. 

i may go up sunday to take advantage of the rain we are supposed to get saturday

i knew it was gonna be closed so i went to pinenuts instead on sunday.  Going to Georgetown today though :thumbsup:

Isaac, I've already told a couple guys I'd be at Elkins Flat today or I'd meet you at GT. You (and anyone else) are welcome to join me/us if you want to ride with slow guys. I'll be at the main staging area by 8am and will probably stay the night and ride a half day tomorrow.

thanks... just now saw this..   i hope it was as good there as it was up at GT today.

It was perfect, glad I took the night off and went riding instead. I'm still sore 3 days later. Now getting ready for a week at Spangler Hills if you're interested.

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