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XT250/350 carb boots

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could someone please post a photo of the boots fitted on their bike. 


i got some new boots with the job lot i bought. (i own a XT250 DOHC 4valve) the RH boot has a small vacuum pipe fitting to the top of it. should i black this off? or where should this go to on the carb? 


ive been all over the manual, but nowhere i can find a photo of some sort showing the plumbing of the carbs on the motor on the 250 or 350. not even sure if it is the same carb setups. 


could anyone shed some light on this?

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You couldn't find plumbing because there isn't any .


The joints you have are likely from an XT600 . If they work , simply cap the nipple .


Here's what Yamaha caps them with :




I answer a lot of my own questions by consulting the parts fiche :



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