2000 XR650R - idle problems



New to the forum so here goes. I recently bought a used 2000 XR650R with 10,000kms on the clock. It has an fmf powerbomb header pipe, aftermarket pipe (BILL'S PIPES) and the last owner told me he had the jetting 'done' to suit these mods. I bought the bike knowing that fuel would piss out of the overflow tube on the carb when you turned the petcock on. I could not get the bike to fire at all.


I've taken the carb off and cleaned it out with carb cleaner (I haven't taken the jets out just sprayed into them and it shot out of the holes near the choke flap) and reset the float to about 18mm. Put the bike back together, 2nd kick bang she fired right up ran for about 5 seconds then died. Another kick and it fired then I put it to half choke but I had to keep blipping the throttle to get it to run. It is also popping a fair bit and will not idle.


Is it possible that I have done something with the float to mess with the idle or is it more likely a blocked jet and its leaning out causing the popping??


Also the jet in the centre of the float bowl has a circular shroud around it. is that normal?


Im a real noob with bikes and this is the first time ive taken one apart so any help or photos would be great.




Dunno..Yes the plastic thing around the main jets normal..They call it a slosh baffle..supposed to keep the fuel stable around the main when you go over bumps or something..


Pilot jet may be blocked,,Remove it..clean the tiny holes on the sides with a strand from a wire brush..Pull the main and the tube the main screws into as well while you're doing the pilot and clean the tiny holes on the sides of that with the wire brush strand as well..


Gas overflowing from the carb is generally caused by a stuffed float valve..Forget float levels..they never change unless someone messes with them..Drop the bowl off the carb and pull the float out by removing the pin that holds it in place,,The float will then come out with maybe the float valve attached,,.It sits in a hole above the float,,replace it.


I'm not going into how you get the carb off the bike or rotate it to get the bowl off,,Done it a thousand times on this site,,Do a search for "Carb removal"..somethings bound to pop up..


Welcome aboard the ship by the way.. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Horri.

I went to the shop and picked up a 68 pilot and a 175 main today. Chucked them in and it went first kick. Idle is spot on and she rips along spinning the rear at 120km/h on the tracks in 3rd.

What a pig!! Cheers again mate

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