What shop you use

For those of you in Southeast Michigan, what shop do you use to either fix or order parts from? New to the Madison Heights and havent go a clue on where to go


Who takes their bike to a shop!? Either way, I'm over in Fraser and there's KRG performance on 14 at mound I think. They do suspension work along with other stuff. I've never had anything done there though.

Parts I stick to online unless I need it quick. Magic Racing on van dyke in shelby township has been pretty good. They are also a ktm dealer if your into that.

I agree magic is decent. I go to tech care for parts in a bind. Otherwise...online for me too. I dont take my bike to shops for repairs.

Well, I try to do everything myself but I seem to make it way harder than it needs to be. Bout to say screw it and pay for them to tell me whats wrong. I did a valve job, brought to spec, rode a few times. Went to the track and couldn't get it started. I know it was running fine cause I did a few laps the night before.

I re checked clearance spec and my exhausts have zero clearance. Seems like bike is losing compression somewhere. When I am turning to tdc, the piston will fall quick. Is that normal? Does that mean its at the top of the stroke? Piston bad??? My first valve job so I don't know what to expect. I've asked for help on the site and got it, but like I said, I like to over think things.

Well if your exhaust valves have ZERO clearance, then yea you may very well be losing your compression there....because they are never fully closing. And no thats highly abnormal and not good!

What do you mean by it falls? Like the weight of the piston alone will spin the crank and make it fall out of tdc? If so, then that also seems highly abnormal.

Yes. The piston will be at the highest stroke, then as I turn to the correct tdc, it will fall with out me turning it with the ratchet. I was thinking a bad piston or cylinder head and that's where i'm losing compression. I had to replace the crank bearings 3 years ago, and since it was apart, I had the mechanic replace the piston too. I know it depends on the rider/part, but usually how long does a piston last?

Piston 3 years ago? How many hours do you put on it a season. I have heard 20-30hrs for a piston, that seems a bit short to me. Maybe thats HARD race hours. Seems if you ran a big bike moderately, it should last a while. How many hours do you figure you got in it. Best I recall, when I get to TDC on my bike...the "I" can move back and forth pretty easily...then after the rod starts to really pull on the piston, there is a lil more resistance. Im picturing your piston just like sliding down the cylinder on its own, lol...?

I usually ride about 5 or 6 times a year. Both trails and track. So about 15 hours a year.

Im headed back home, so I will try and get a video to better show

Skip to 30secs to see it faster. Hope this helps show what I was trying to explain.

Skip to 30secs to see it faster. Hope this helps show what I was trying to explain.


It might, if I knew where the video was, lol. Not showing up, or ya didn't post it, haha.

Sorry, still trying to figure out how to upload videos from my phone

No need to skip. I tried my hand at editing, lol. You will see it at 10 seconds.



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So, are you right on the TDC line at the point that it just rolls over like it does @ 10 sec. Because, I know as you're turning it over it feels like there is some resistance, and suddenly it will just release and feel weird. Kinda like what that looks like. TBH...your best bet, would be to post a new thread in the yz/wr forums, with whats going on, and this video. I can't tell for sure if its ABNORMAL or not, i mean I know once I get past TDC, it feels like the flywheel spins quickly and i end up way off tdc. It seems like tdc is a delicate point thats easy to bump off, and you're video kind of reminds me of that point (and not being abnormal). Its actually easier to time with someone holding a ratchet on TDC while you set the timing...for this very reason.

Well I posted it on my other thread but still no replies. Its not right at the TDC line at that point but just beyond it. Well thats reassuring. It being my first time with valves and what not, I'm not sure what's abnormal and what isn't. I will have to dbl check my timing because in the video it looks like its off. (I put nail polish on my cam chain and lobes to make sure they line up perfect when putting back together)

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Honda Suzuki in Warren are always good and they aren't too far from you if you're still interested, or try tech-care suspension in waterford.

I've never taken my bike into a shop, but as far as parts go, K&W has been best for older bike parts. Macomb Powersports is good for more modern Japanese bikes, and of course Magic Racing is the go to for KTM anything. All these places are probably a bit out of your way though, considering they're Auburn/Ryan, 21Mile/Gratiot, and 22 1/2Mile/Van Dyke respectively.

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