carb mods

New to the site and have to say that it is an excellent source of info. I have 2000 WR 400 and am currently doing all the free mods and some the not so free mods. I read in a couple of postings on this site that say to use the YZ jetting. I am curious if this is year specific. Meaning since mine is a 2000 do I need to use 2000 YZ or any of the years.

Thanks and look forward to reading more.

your best bet may be JD's jetting kit, found at SHOP THUMPERTALK.

JD was one of our KEY jetting Guru's since 1999. His kit has had rave reviews. His kit IS customized for our WR's. After spending LOT'S of $$$ on needles, pilot jets, main jets, pilot air jets, main air jets, his kit IS A BARGAIN!!

My 2 cents/sense.

Ditto: JD kit all the way :)

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