200 powervalve messed up

I think that I messed up the timer.  After a recent top end we opened the adjusting nut for the powervalve real far until it clicked.   that didn't sound right and after screwing it back in it appear that the whole nut is too far out now.   In order to get the mark on the actuator arm to line up higher between the marks in the window, the adjusting nut has to be out pretty far.  When I screw the cap with the copper washer it bottoms and begins to screw the adjusting nut in.   Did I mess up the timer?

It fell off the rod. when you adjust it to far down it can fall off and you will have to take off some of the bottom end apart to fix it :-(

I haven't run it yet.  If I screw the adjusting nut way in and cycle it can it reset itself or can damage be done by running it now? 

Edited by McDave

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