1977 Honda XL350 Problem

I have a 1977 XL350 that i restored the problem is it has a lot of presssure comming the engine vent tube, does not seem right. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

If your rings aren't seated yet it would be normal to see a lot of pressure from the vent.  How many miles do you have since your rebuild?  It is normal for a large Thumper to push a fair amount of air in and out the vent tube.



That would generally mean you have excessive blow by of the rings and possibly the valve guides and or seals.

I have only honed the cyclinder and re-ring the piston and had a valve job. That was done back in the 80's. The bike has over 21,000 miles on it. I figured it was blow by, maybe if i ride it a little more it will get better. Thanks for the replies. How do you post pictures now on this fourm.

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You can either upload them or use a photo hosting site and then post the code

I have photo bucket tried to copy and paste and still will not work. Any idea's

I have photo bucket tried to copy and paste and still will not work. Any idea's

When you view your individual photos in PhotoBucket, there is a selection box on the right side of the screen that has 4 web addresses in it.  Click on the second one from the top and it should read "copied".  Then come to TT and when you make your post click on the Image icon above the Reply box.  it is the small box with the green center, supposed to be a screen..  It will open a small box with a line for inserting your address and you will right click in it and Paste the web address into it.  Click OK and your image should go into your Reply.



 I think i got it now. Before and after pictures of my 1977 Honda XL350.bth_77HondaXL350007.jpgbth_IMG_0525.jpg

Brings back memories ... I bought a new one , back in 77

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