KLX110 143 kit carb (VM26) leaking a ton of gas

hi all,

i put a TBparts 143 kit on my bike about a year ago. i believe it was ever since install, it completely dumps gas out of the carb overflows. and it doesnt stop when the bowl empties, it would empty my tank if i let it. i have to turn the gas on before i stall the motor everytime.

so i finally got around to contacting TB. they said It may need a new needle valve, but i check and my carb is mint inside. needle is mint and so is the seat. i messed with it on the bench, held the needle in with my finger and blew through a line i connected to the fuel inlet. it sealed perfectly. i did notice however that there is no rubber piece inside the seat like i see on most other carbs.... is this normal? i looked in the manual but it shows the needle and seat as one part so i cannot tell if theres a rubber seal.

i also tried bending the needle contact on the float so it would shut sooner but that didnt change anything.

also, i have to have my carb leaned counter clockwise (if sitting on the bike) because the bottom of the bowl would hit the valve cover (the race head that came in this kit). TB thought I should be able to stand the carb straight but I definitely cant. It only dumps gas when on the kick stand. If I hold the bike up straight it wont leak. I have super motos (which are a bit taller than stock) on the bike so it leans quite a bit on the kickstand. Plus add that to the way its already leaned when standing straight up and ive got quite a bit of lean on the carb….
Any help is appreciated. My driveway is starting to look like a cheetah….

Mine leaks as well if it's leaned over, even if a little bit, and I know what you mean about not having the carb straight up an down, I have to have mine rotated a little for the throttle cable to clear everything ok. My needle doesn't have a viton tip on it as well, but everything works great!

does your leak when its on the kickstand? i went in a store one time and came out to a puddle that fully encircled the bike

I don't have a kickstand on mine, but I'm betting mine would leak if it leaned over as if it was on a kickstand. I used to have a Mikuni 26 on my other 110 about 6 years ago and don't remember it being as sensitive to tilt like the new ones

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