Ok here's my problem, after adjusting my valves and during

reassembly the manual states to use assembly lube on shims

buckets,cams ect. After going to my local dealer to purchase assemble lube and being told that they don't carrie assembly lube and that they use only motor oil when they adjust valves.I wanted a second opinion so I went to another dealer and they told me the same thing,I then reassembled my motor using only motor oil everywhere (cams buckets shims) the motor runs perfect but I still have "assembly lube" ringing in my ear! Can someone tell me if I made a mistake or is assembly lube only for the initial start up and then is washed away by the motor oil anyway. Cause Im about to tear down the motor to put assembly lube on the few spots they recommend just to ease my mind! Or am I being way to anal about my bike as usual.

I was a mechanic for a while and from talking with other mechanics in different fields motor oil in not usually recomended but will work as long as it is a heavy oil. Assembly lube in my oppinion is the way to go. I especially like the CRC brand with graphite.

Yes, I'm agree, when you assemble the engine it's correct to use a specific oil or grease, and exactly a molybdenum oil or grease. For the assembly of head-parts, yamaha in the owner's service manual reccomends a molybdenum disulfide oil.

If you don't use this kind of oil or grease when you assemble head, camshaft, crankshaft, etc., it isn't a big mistake, but it's a good caution for the seconds after start, when the engine-oil it isn't yet in all parts that have to be lube; in this few seconds moly-lube is better that engine oil. :)


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