85 xr250r

i have an 85 xr250r. it smokes and needs rings. still runs okay but runs rich the carbs are a pain in the ass because its the dual carb and dual exhaust model. anyone have a bike like this? if so could you give me some advice. thanks

When those carbs are clean and the piston / rings do not have blow-by ... those bikes run GREAT.  Dual carbs are not bad -- just expensive and complicated.

+1 I owned a 84 XR250R for many years and liked the low end throttle response of the dual carbs. 

I found carb removal for cleaning was easiest out the left side with the carbs on the manifold.

If you don't know how to synch them paying a decent wrench for an hour to do that will be the best money you ever spent. 

I've got one and it runs great!  That dual carb setup is like a 4 barrel carb on a car.  The left carb is your primary carb and the right one is secondary.  It's set up that the secondary starts to open up at a certain amount of throttle.  There is only a main jet in the secondary carb.  I rebuilt mine several years ago and works great for me.

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