Instructions for adjusting KTM Hard Parts stabilizer (GPR?)

I have this bar/stabilizer submount setup on my 2009 450. It came with the bike and obviously is a KTM Hard Parts item. It looks to be made by GPR and one of their V1 model? Is this correct? 

If so and either way, I want to find the instructions to adjust the sweep and general info on it's dampening settings.




The only thing I found on the GPR site was instructions for installation and nothing on adjustments to the stabilizer settings. Heck even the pics on the instructions were for the newer looking damper. So hoping someone can give me a lead or the skinny on this. 

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Nevermind. I just talked with GPR and they told me there is no adjusting the sweep like I can do on my Scotts. I guess that makes it simple enough. 

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