power now

Would like to get other views on this. The power now kit has a metal plate to direct airflow down under the slide. Wouldn't this be better achieved if the plate was angled from the top downwards at a slight angle? My thought is that this would create almost a tunnle ram affect simmiller to that on a race engine.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

I think the power now is trying to reduce low flow turbulence to increase bottom end throttle response. It is not their intent or claim to affect the rest of the trottle response or performance. It works very well as designed. Your concept will create more turbulence at high air flows and also reduce the effective air flow into the engine. You will lose power in that scenario. :)

I don't know how it works, kinda like sticking your hand out the car window at speed - an angle is going to cause turbulence. But when I can increase my pilot jet up 2 points, midrange the WR450 up Utah sandwashes in 3rd gear, while watching my 2-stroke buddies fanning the clutch lever in vain, and all for $80 - I really could'nt care. :)

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