What's the best oil to run in a CRF150R?

i'm about to buy a crf150r from a friend of mine and i'm curious about what the best oil to run in it is?

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I run maxima synblend in engine side and maxima 80wt moto trans fluid in my transmission side on my honda CRF250

I run Castrol 10w40 motorcycle oil in the engine and tranny

Rotella 15 w 40  both sides ,, 410 hrs on the meter.



Have fun .

Our bike shifts better with a synthetic or a blend vs. conventional oil. Any oil will work but I prefer synthetic and use 20w-50 Amsoil on motor. Gear side Rotella synthetic or blend 10w-40

You can't go wrong with Amsoil.

Also using Rotella T, I use it in all of my bikes and have never had issues or problems

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