2012 rmz or crf

I am lookong at 2012 rmz 250 and crf 250r. Please don't suggest any other bikes. I am wondering what bike is better. I ride and race hare scrambles and motocross. A little bit more tracks than woods though. Which bike is better, more reliable, and why. One issue is the aluminum gas tank on the Suzuki will it dent and puncture from sticks in the woods?

All info is much appreciated

Thanks alot

I've had a 2011 RMZ 450 and a 2011 CRF 450 - both practically the same for 2012.


I could never get used to the CRF, the handling is horrible, power is weak, plastic was junk,  - the radiator shrouds break from casual riding, the clutch is even worse, gas in the oil, loose electrical connections (I eventually used zipties to hold the connections tight). Spent thousands trying to get it to work right, finally just sold it.


Picked up a hold-over RMZ 450.  Wow, could not be happier.  It's better in every way.  Time will tell if the long term reliability is there, but so far so good.


I'm a 160lb 30+A rider, and snowbiker for reference.  Electrical problems on the CRF were only in the snow.

Started the year on a CRF  Ended the Year on a RMZ and took her all the way to Lorreta  Lynns . Best bike I have owned .

Ok sounds like rmz 250 is the bike to buy. And I understand the 12 and 13 are the same except for cosmetics.

Thanks a lot for the info

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