Decision time - Is the 200XC-W enough for me?

Hey guys,

I need to decide today which bike I am buying.

I am 205lbs sans gear.

Will I regret if I buy the 200?

Should I go with the 250 or 300 instead?

There is $1000 difference between the 200 and 300, only $250 between the 250 and 300.

Thank you all for your educated advice! :-)

what are you riding now?

I have ridden for years and still am riding a sportbike. Did roadrace riding schools and several track days over the years. I am a pretty good rider.

Although I have ridden ATVs quite a bit too, this will be my first dirtbike. I have taken an off-road riding school this summer and loved it. I was on a CRF230F and honestly, by the end of the day, I thought I was glad it was not my bike because I could use a bit more oomph. The skills I displayed were above my wildest dreams and I plan on attending a trial school soon.

Anyway. All that to say that I am a good rider on the street, new to offroad with great potential, and that I want a bike I will want to keep for years. :-)

I have had the same question. Last bike was a rmz250 and the last time I have rode a 250 2 strke was the earily 90's. So I can't give any good advise.

I have always perfered the small bore bikes and had my heart set on the 200xcw.

So I recenlly bought one. I haven't had much time on it yet but it does feel good. I think it needs some jetting before I can tell how it really works.

Where are you located in ontario?

I have a 200. It is awesome! It is much stronger than a crf230. There are people 200+ pounds, but at that weight you really have to be an aggressive rider, on the pipe a lot. BUT, it is very light, and doesn't tire you out. 


Where are both you guys located in ontario?

Ironically, I think the weight and the fact that I am new to offroad are reasons why I should maybe go 250 and 300, in order to use the torque as opposed to be on the pipe. Heck, a 125 on the pipe is scary! LOL

Then as I progress, I can open up more.

Does this make sense?

I am in the NCR. Whereabout are you guys?

Don't know what NCR is.

I am from the Kitchener area.

National Capital Region.

Looks like you are to far away to let you test out my 200.

Darn! That would have been fantastic!! Offer much appreciated, though! :-)

if you are going to ride quite a variety of conditions then the 250-300 is good, if it is tight gnarly single track then the 200 is the way to go

I made my decision: 300!

Then the question becomes: XC or XC-W? :-O

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I went through the same thing. 200 or 250, xc or xcw even had a eye on a crf250x. Drove my self nuts!

I like to ride motocross and trail. To chicken to jump for motocross. Not many trails in my area. Or people to ride trails with.

Sure made the decision hard. In the end either bike will work just as well in both environments for me.

Its all about fun.

If you are not in a hurry to buy. Check out the demo rides in the spring.

I would definitely go with the 250 or 300, all depending on what kind of riding you are doing and your skill level.  If you wanna race competitive enduro in the A class, get the 250.  I love enduro racing, but prefer nasty technical rocky riding when I'm not racing so I have the 300.  If you punch into the AA class, the 200 will definitely be a hinderance since you weigh over 165 lbs.


Buuut, if you lose 40 lbs and like to ride the RPMs of a 200 with an engine setup of a 125, go for it!  There are way to many factors to give you a concrete answer for which bike you would prefer.

Don't know what NCR is.

I am from the Kitchener area.

I'm in Hamilton! Where do you ride? PM me!


ON a side note, I'm sure you will be more than happy with the 300. They're all great bikes! And xc or xc-w depends on how/ what terrain you ride.

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I ride Gopher Dunes a lot.

Been working lots of weekends since getting the new bike. I will pm you when I get a chance to ride.

I came from club road racing with little offroad experience. Rode a cr125 for a year, then bought a buddies 200. Been racing the 200 in the Open Amateur Class and doing quite well. I am by far NOT the only 200 rider in the Open AM or the Open Expert Class (harescramble).


despite being 6'2" and 190lbs the 200 has served me VERY well. I have ridden both the 250 and 300 (as well as the 350). I had a great time on all three but was really surprised at how fast and nimble my 200 was when getting back on it. Far less energy draining then the others. I personally have decided that the 200 will remain my racebike for next season and i will be shopping for a 500 or 350 exc for more dual sport type riding.

I am 6'2 and around 205 lbs...quite a bit more with full gear.  I ride both the 250XCW and the 200EXC.  I ride single track with the majority being tighter stuff...there are the occasional open spaces integrated into these woods rides.  I have to admit that my favorite bike overall is the 200.  I thought about getting a 300 just to see what they are like, but have been having so much fun on the 200 lately so have not been looking too hard for the 300.


I believe you said this is your first dirt bike....given that you are relatively new to this particular type of riding, I would have to recommend starting out smaller and then you can go for the bigger bike once you are dialed in to trails.  Plus, if you get a 200 now and decide to sell it later, you will have no problem getting your money back on it.


I am your same weight and can do anything I want on the 200, and you will be able to hang with anyone you want on it.  The 200 never fights you on the tight trails.  It is very easy to maneuver, and you are a lot less likely to experience the harsh learning curve that accompanies whiskey throttle.  As a new trail rider, more bike can equal more injuries real fast.

Like gottaroost I am just over 200 lbs before gear. Was up around 220 when I first got my 200 XC-W though. I also have never had a problem with the 200 powering me through anything I threw at it. It is quite an amazing machine. I tried my friends 300 and it is just plain scary. If I had one of those I would definitely be broken in the trees somewhere. It gets out of hand fast and it is very hard to reel back in. The 200 on the other hand is very controllable. Good luck with your purchase.

I frickin love my 200 EXC and the only way I'd ever think of selling it would be to fund a newer 200 EXC ;D



I love it/ It's so light and nimble and fast.. It's like a BMX bike with a big high-strung turbo motor! haha


You will love whatever you get so don't fret ;D

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