2003 XR250 Carb

The carb on my bike is due for a rebuild.  Ive been trying to find either a rebuild kit for it or a replacement to no avail.  I haven't been able to even find what the make/model of the stock carb.  Any guidance/recommendations about what to do in this situation?

If you are rebuilding the carb because it does not idle / run good ... be sure and get a pilot one size larger and depending on your exhaust look at rejetting - do not even bother trying to clean  a bad pilot ... if stock exhaust you should be fine - maybe raise needle clip one.  Mine is all stock with mention mods and air box snorkle removed.

I have my stock Kehin carb from my 1989 xr250 for sale on ebay, it its excellent condition if you're interested. The previous owner of my bike replaced the stock carb with TM34 not long after he bought the bike, so the stock carb has seen little use

A little more information on the bike/situation.  The bike had been sitting for a little over a year.  Tank was cleaned and flushed.  Carb was taken off, cleaned, and reassembled.  The bike runs, but it seems as if the float is sticking (there is fuel coming out of the vent line on the carb).  So I think that the needle needs to be replaced, along with the float.  Does this sound about right or is there something else im completly over looking?

TX-Sandman - the bike runs amazing when its running, just hard starting when cold.  The bike is stock, except for the exhaust baffle and air box snorkle removed.

Hard cold starting can also be attributed to valves needing adjusting.

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