New to me 1979 XR500r - kick start spindle

Just picked up a cheap 1979 XR500r, cheap because it has a few issues - non-stock seat and rear fender, and a leaky tank, and a busted kick starter. On the kick starter,  the lever is gone and kick start shaft needs replacing. Does anyone have a service manual for a 1979? The internet can't agree on whether to split the cases on a 79.  


Other issues, it's missing the compression release cable. I'd just as soon fit with a manual compression release. Any idea where I can find one that will bolt up and go? It's also missing the front brake perch and cable, guess someone wanted to dirt track it. If anyone has a spare kick start lever and spindle, front brake perch and cable, or compression release they don't want, please holler. 

Post this on the 600/650 Honda section to get more specific help. Lots of guys with 500's on there.

  Most XR's came with manual decomp levers.  My 85 XR350 has one as does the 03 Xr400.  Any of them would probably work just fine.  GUys take them off sometimes too.

 I "Might" have my oem 85 stuff in a box, I'll see what I've got this weekend. 

I bought an xr600 kick lever and it works fine but hits the frame in the "up" position (not using it) as the bend isn't exactly the same.  FWIW

Your 79 motor is same as the XR500 RB (81/2) motor basically

You need to split the casing to replace kikker shaft,so know what your doing as you need to remove counter shaft to get to the inner retainer and spring.,Auto decomp cam  and folower operate off kikker shaft,so if theyr in good nick,get a cable to attach to lever on your cam cover.

The XR 600 will not fit, nor the 500 need to look for the RB models.which are readily available

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