Fork Seal Protection

Does anyone know of a product or device to protect the fork seals from mud and other debris. I am riding in lot of mud these days and would like to better protect theseals.

thanks in advance for any advice or input.

There is a sleave that you can use. It slips over the seal and doen the tubes. I believe it is made out of neoprine. I can nt remember the name or manufacturer of the product but any bike shop will know. I they have an ad in Cycle News.

Yea, Seal Savers for about $50 bucks slip on to your forks with a stretchable fabric booty. To clean the fork dirt seal (must do anyway even over time) you peel up the booty to expose the fork dirt seal. I have even thrown them in the washer when they got to groady. The only downside is that the fabric, when wet, will cling to dirt and rub againts the forks. I'll bet you find that most riders on this site are 50/50 on the issue. But heah, they come in Yamaha Blue to match my WR450 and the wife digs it. Two good reasons to have them. :)

Fork Boots :) They don't let the moisture and grit through as much as seal savers. Made by Progrip. They are a bit of a chore to put on. Wait until you need your seals done

I buy the sealsaver full length version and cut them into 3- 4" long pairs. That way I get 3 sets out of one. You only need to cover the inner tube 3" below the outer tube. Cover the outer tube by 1" and use the stock fork guard clamp to hold it in position. I run carbon fork guards so that I can use a cable ty to hold it around the upper fork assembly. I change mine every month or 2 depending on how much mud riding I have been doing. More mud riding change more often. You dont want dirt build up under them to eat at your lower fork so roll them back up and inspect/clean/replace them as needed. They really work! :)

I'm new to the Yammy side of the fence with my 04 WR... but a buddy always has to replace fork seals often on his woods-modded YZ. We ride togther in really rocky stuff. He has seal savers, but we found the cause was rocks being flipped up from the front tire and nicking the shiny fork tubes, thus causing wear on the seals.

To stop this, he has had to make fork tube buffing a part of his regular maintenence.

I never had such probs on my Hondas because the fork guard wraps around the bottom of the fork tubes.

I've asked a lot of people if there's a better fork protector available for yammies with upside-downers, but I haven't found anything.

Any Ideas? :)


I like the Lightspeed carbon fiber lower fork guards. They seem to cover and wrap very well on the bottom. :)

Thanks Indy, I'll go looking.


I can't seem to find any details on the Lightspeed Lower Fork Guards online... I'll see if my dealer has anything on them.


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