Any TE 310 riders switch to TXC Fuel Injectors? TE (4) TXC (12) Pros vs. Cons? Maint Sched?

 The TE has 4 Injectors and the TXC has (12) Anyone want to chime in on the Pros vs. Cons? Any significant Maint Schedule changes?

My 2011 TE310 is set up as full 2012 TXC Spec, 12 port injector and "race kit" 2012 OEM ECU the thing runs soooo much better. Note also mine is equipped with a Ti muffler from a TC250, but retains the dB-SA plug. Its quiet and runs great 

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Thanks for that info. Thats the route I'm looking to go.

get the "race kit" it has a part number. comes packaged with TXC310  Injector and ECU. plug and play good to go.

The new KTMs have 14 hole injectors. Best keep your fuel spotlessly clean because these things easily plug up. My old Montesa is a single hole injector and I've never had the slightest issue unlike the 14 hole.

I think my dealer George (Uptite) was pleasantly surprised when he upgraded my 2012 TE 310 with the 12 port injector and TXC ECU.

It rips were his words.

Nope, didn't regret that decision....

I have a 2012 TE310 with the TXC 12 hole and ECU installed.  It isn't plug and play.  You have to adjust the CO's and reset the TPS or it will run like crap.  Unless you have ibeat software, have the dealer install and set it up. AMHIK...

I dont know whats with all the tuning stuff mine (2011 TE310) was plug and play*.

Its been all over at many altitudes, its been ridden easy, ridden hard, ridden weekly on crazy trails, been raced in Nat H&Hs, D37/WestChec enduros, Tecate hard rides, tecate hare scrambles. its never faltered and has brought me a whole bunch of local zone racing trophies and a some Husky contingency bucks as well.

*PS mine  has always had  the dB-S/A plug installed, if it was in full open mode maybe it would need some tuning.

Had mine installed when I bought mine. The dealer loaded the maps into the ECU. It rips. I have no O2 sensor and no db plug but I have the S/A still in. 88db@4400 rpm.  

I made the  change to my 2012 TE310. It works good no problems. I wouldent say it was a huge sucess I mean it works great but to tell the truth not a big change, I dont know if its because i run a rekluse or not. I still get good miliage and just ran 450 miles on it last weekend so is it good YES did it blow me away NO. I was ready for more. However the throttle response was improved over stock in low speed areas where you need to be light on the throttle. I also run the FMF full system. . I give 8.5 out of 10

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