which to get first?

alright i plan to eventually do both the 39 fcr and the bigbore just wondering which should i do first. i already have done the 3x3 and rejetted, installed a set of e cams and header and have an fmf powercore. i dont have the funds to do bth right away just wanted your opinions on which to do first.

The stock carb is the single biggest bottleneck in the DRZ so the FCR was my choice to do first.

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+1 on the mx-Fcr. A BB is great but you cant feel its true power tell you have the FCR. Plus the fcr is slightly more money if you do the BB install your self.  So IMO when you buy and install the BB it will be more power at less of a cost

You'd get more gains ditching the head and running an MRD, after the FCR and BB, that will be your bottleneck.

Save your money up and do both at the same time. That will save you a lot of trouble with all the re-jetting changes and give you the biggest bang for your buck. Or if you can't wait that long I suggest the MRD pipe first cuz the benefit of the FCR / BB can't be fully realized until you do a proper exhaust. JMHO...

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