Horse Canyon


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Very cool! brings back memories.  I've only ridden HC once, but had a great time through the technical sections in the first half of the ride, not so much the second half. 


Thanks for posting

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good ole h/c   good job pizza!!!   are you plated??  my 07 300xc need one

Looks like a great trail. Some nice rock work there

that might be the best video ive seen yet.  your a friggen beast!

sick!!! my kinda rugged! how do i get there?

Thanks for all the responses! It is fun to share good trails.

If anyone ever wants to ride HC, or other trails in the area, I am almost always game.




good ole h/c   good job pizza!!!   are you plated??  my 07 300xc need one


I have an Idaho plate.




sick!!! my kinda rugged! how do i get there?


Saw some of your videos. It certainly is your kind of rugged.

Off of highway 88 ~1 mile east of Silver Lake. The trail runs along the backside of Kirkwood ski resort.

tahoe here i come! only road one day years ago... and my original ktm was overheating... didn't get to see much... love the area...

Umm. I wanna go too

You desert guys wouldnt know what to do up there, to many trees to ride ;)

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Things change quick!  Here's a photo of Silver Lake today.  I was up fishing Walker River this weekend, camping out, when the weather changed on Saturday.




The fishing access lot



Hope Valley looking West


Pizzaforbreakfast and I rode Saturday, Bucks Pasture and area.

It was raining going up - no problem.

By the end or our ride - we were froze and it had

snowed 4 inches.  More storm then I planned for, but was a great ride.

No dust!

I hate you both!

Here is more to hate:


Saturday about 1:00 pm.

Rain turned to sleet then snow.

We are about 8500 feet or so - pizzaforbreakfast.

By the time we got to the highway - there was 4" of snow on the ground.

Stopped multiple times to thaw the hands - 

have to love purple hands.

Warm them on the exhaust, it was painful.

Riding in driving snow and 4" on the trail made it much more difficult - but was fun.

Stopped at Kirkwood Inn, hot dinner (about 5:30 by then) and a Bloody Mary.

Loaded the bikes, headed home, shivering the whole way.

What a ride!!!!!!!









The pictures are a little blurry - they get that way when you are shaking like a leaf.

And - had to hold the phone under my are to warm it enough to get the

touch screen to work.  I think the sleet on the screen did not help any.

Good thing it is waterproof.

Video coming...

Here is what it was like when 

we rode to Kirkwood Inn.

We were out in that all day - 

The bike in the trailer was one of the guys riding with us,

when we got to the first trail head, he said "Screw this - I'm out"

It was cold and wet.

My bike is next to the truck - pizzaforbreakfast was parked next to the building.




What are the odds that a late October ride is possible there?

What are the odds that a late October ride is possible there?

Possible - but low.

It is high elevation.


It snows there very quickly.

The snow we were in will be gone in a day or 2.

But storms in October will put snow there to stay.

hid from the ranger at Kirkwood inn  had the French dip it was awesome,  need a plate

I don't know why but it is always an adventure when I ride with Eldorado650.


Our last three rides together have included a dozen stitches, one night-time extreme enduro, and a snowstorm.

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