Victorville Motorsports Complex Sunday Dec. 23rd

Hey all,

RichB and some of his friends are coming down from Las Vegas to ride at VMC on Sunday, December 23rd. I'll be there and it would be nice if some other TT'ers could join in on the fun. The track is safe and fun.

Let us know :)


Sounds good to me. I plan to go.

Hey guys,

I was gonna hit Sunrise on Sat., but maybe I'll change my plans and try VMC. Never been before and have heard that's it's a great track.

I'll know later in the week if I'll be able to make it.



Hope you can make it. VMC IS a fun track :)


Keeping my fingers crossed but it looks like it's gonna be a good weekend; turn out, weather, & my ribs willing.

Phil from told me to verify with him that I was coming down and offered to come out and take some pictures of our group.

Looking forward to it!!

Hey I might be able to make it as well...

How about a real day in the dirt? Since there's alot of trails that start right across the street from VMC we could do a mini Six Days Enduro with moto (special tests) and trails for route miles. Maybe ride out to Helendale and back.

Anyway, food for thought for all you hot shoes. If i do decide to come out there i won't be hard to miss, i'll probably be the only guy riding my bike to the track.


There's at least 4 of us confirmed from Vegas coming down and a couple more guys on the fence right now.

Where does everyone want to meet and what kind of vehicles and bike #s are you running?

I'll be in a 2wd long bed Dodge, kind of a messed up gray or goldish color (depending how the sun is hitting it), with #807 on the YZF. I should have my bud Joe's 92 KX250 in the back as well. Also, we'll have my other bud Pat in his White 01 F-150 super duty with an RM250 and a guy I have yet to meet yet's 98 YZ250.

See you guys there! :)

Sorry, Pat's truck is a Super Crew 4x4, not a Super Duty F-150. Man, I haven't had any finger coordination on this board lately!

I'll be in my red Ford F-250 extracab with a blue (imagine that!!) trailer with a wood box and short wood sides.

We can all park on the upper level which is to the right of the check in area. It will be closest to the will all make sense when you are there.

Getting the suspension back on Thursday for the 426. I really did not want to get my ass handed to me by riding the 125 against all of the thumpers. Looking forward to meeting some more of the TT'ers.


Weather reports indicate a great riding day. It is clear, no wind and about 60* right now.


Yeah, right! :)

With the wind chill, it felt like 40* all day. We had to keep riding to keep warm. But we all had fun anyway.

Yeah, I feel bad about that. The weather report I gave was for the prvious day. Don't forget that this is the desert and the weather can/will quickly.

Still had a fun day. My shoulders and back are a bit sore from pounding out so many laps that last time out!! Gotta get in shape somehow.....whaaaaaa :)


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