Got bored

Amazing what you can do with some unwanted items..... first hard case from a Santa fe (local bone yard)....piece of scrap aluminum from the shop... and few nuts and bolts


Thank god for the tools ....stuck in the middle of no where

Time to pull the carb ....looks like a stuck float or bad stopper

Anybody know what this is and why is on top of the float ??.... any where on TT to find float adjustment for my 85 xr 350 ?? Thanks


Looks like a splash shield.

Helps keep it from sucking air on rough terrain.

Thanks guys

I can't believe that the bike even ran the way it was set ! ...the float was installed upside down.... the baffle was under the float ...I'm guessing thats what restricted the float movement... I guess that's what I get for not checking it out when I got it the past march ...curious how the bike will run now with things cleaned and adjusted properly

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